Keeping in contact with your dental patients is a good way to keep your dental practice in their minds. With e-newsletters, your patients will appreciate the good information you share, and will hopefully pracatice good oral health.

There are a number of dental
marketing trends converging to make e-newsletter marketing more popular and
effective than ever. I’ll share some of the data behind those trends and give
you five reasons, from my decades of experience in dental newsletter marketing,
why every dentist should have an e-newsletter.


Email marketing is being
used more broadly than ever before. Let’s give that some context. According to
McKinsey’s research, email is nearly 40
times better than Facebook and Twitter for acquiring new patients. This should
come as no surprise, as 91% of US consumers use email every day. McKinsey found
that emails prompt purchases at a rate at least three times greater than social
media. To put an even finer point on it, the average order value of purchases
generated by email marketing is 17% higher than those generated by social media


For dentists in particular

The most effective and
professional way for practices to leverage the power of email marketing is with
dental patient e-newsletters. Is your practice taking advantage of this dental
marketing solution?


A recent study of 300
unique demographic target markets across the United States found that e-newsletters
generate a higher response rate than postcards. On average, e-newsletters drive
17 calls for every 10 generated from a postcard, giving them a 70% higher response


Every dentist can
build a more profitable practice with an e-newsletter. If you’re not using one
to stay top-of-mind with your patients, you should be. If you’re using dental e-newsletter
marketing but not getting these results, it’s time to reevaluate your strategy
and execution.


Why are e-newsletters
such powerful tools for making dental practices more profitable? Here are the
top five reasons:



E-newsletter marketing will help keep your name in front of
patients. By sending your patients a relevant and educational newsletter every
month, you’ll continually remind them of all the ways you can help. Also, and
this is critical in today’s climate, you’ll keep them coming to you for
treatment instead of going elsewhere. Your patients have options, and you can
never afford to underestimate the importance of building and maintaining
patient loyalty. E-newsletters help accomplish this while providing valuable


your credibility as an authority

All patients want the best for themselves and their
families, and this also applies to their dental care. With dental practice e-newsletters,
you’ll show readers that your practice is on the leading edge of dentistry and provides
the most effective treatment options. You’ll do it consistently and
meaningfully with a quality newsletter that contains relevant articles. Even if
patients don’t read every line of every article, each issue further elevates
you as an
on oral health.


your patients

Some dentists use e-newsletter marketing because they’re
committed to providing their patients with quality educational content. That’s
outstanding! But there’s another reason why many dentists want to
readers. They realize that their best-educated patients are their most lucrative.
These patients value what they learn in trusted resources such as dental
practice newsletters, and they use that knowledge to work with their dentist to
improve their oral health. Education-minded patients also share what they learn
with others. This reflects positively on the practice that sent the dental e-newsletter.


case compliance

By educating your patients, you increase the likelihood that
they will comply with your treatment recommendations. Educational e-newsletter
article topics can range from choosing the optimal cosmetic solutions, fighting
gum disease, and treating bruxism, to treatment for patients with diabetes,
denture care, maintaining oral health during pregnancy, and more. Articles such
as these serve as reinforcements for what patients learn from you in your
office. They also reinforce your credibility as an authority, which is critical
for improving case compliance.


referrals, especially with family and friends

E-newsletters have great pass-along value. Patients share
them with family and friends who may be looking for a dentist or who are
experiencing a dental problem. The most successful e-newsletters generate
from family and friends and are easy to share via email and social media. The
dentists who receive the most referrals are the ones who make sharing referrals


these reasons and more, e-newsletters are valuable tools in building profitable
dental practices.


Steve Klinghoffer is president and publisher at WPI Communications, Inc.

Steve founded WPI Communications with his wife, Lori,
in 1984. WPI Communications is a
renowned leader in newsletter marketing for dentists and other professional
practices. Steve has helped hundreds of dentists build their practices with
newsletters. To start or improve a dental e-newsletter marketing program,
contact WPI Communications for a free, no-obligation consultation at (800) 323-4995,, or visit



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