Which dental implant is it? This one or that one?

When Breakthrough Clinical's Editorial Director, Stacey Simmons, DDS, is met with a challenge, she consults whatimplantisthis.com for the first time at the recommendation of colleagues. She speaks to the website's creators and gains insider tips about this popular resource tool for the identification of dental implants.Read more

Surgery on a newborn? CO(2) laser makes in-office lingual frenectomy easy for general dentist to perform

In this case study, Joshua P. Weintraub, DDS, describes the lingual frenectomy procedure he did in-office to reverse an extensive tongue-tie on an eight-day-old infant. He explains how his CO2 laser allowed him to operate less invasively with minimal bleeding, no sutures, minimal postoperative pain, and faster healing.Read more

Breakthrough Clinical oral pathology case: No. 30

A 22-year-old female presents for a comprehensive examination with no chief complaints. After referral to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal, all contact is lost. Seven years later, the patient presents complaining of pain in her jaw that has been getting progressively worse. Based on the clinical findings, can you diagnose this oral pathology case?Read more

A look at the future of dental and medical health care and diagnostic technology

Richard H. Nagelberg, DDS, takes a look at some new dental and medical technology on and beyond the horizon that has the potential to positively affect health care and impact disease identification on a global level. He says these huge changes involve virtually every aspect of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and conditions that have been around for ages.Read more