Dental hygiene education in Germany: Between economics and emotions

Abstract ObjectivesTo date, there is still no IFDH approved dental hygienist (DH) education model in Germany. Nevertheless, opportunities to complete vocational DH education courses have substantially increased within the last two decades. However, the content and quality of these courses vary greatly and are difficult to survey. The purpose of this article therefore was to present an overview of the education programmes offered in Germany as of March 2017. MethodsA formal request was sent to all education establishments for details of such courses, and a systematic internet search was performed covering the DH…Read more

An evaluation of a school-based dental sealant programme

Abstract ObjectivesTo evaluate the effectiveness of Bengal Smiles, a school-based dental sealant programme and assess outcomes related to the U.S. Healthy People 2020 oral health objectives. MethodsA needs assessment identified high caries prevalence in Idaho children and supported the need for a school-based dental sealant programme at a local Title 1 school. Children (n=54) ages 6-12 were screened by dental hygiene students for suspected dental caries, sealant placement and need for referral for dental treatment. Sealant retention and sealant caries rates were computed at 12 months (n=32) using descriptive statistics. Caries rates were…Read more

The effect of professional tooth cleaning or non-surgical periodontal therapy on oral halitosis in patients with periodontal diseases. A systematic review

Abstract ObjectiveThe aim of this systematic review was to give the best available evidence on the impact of professional tooth cleaning (PTC) and scaling and root planing (SRP) on oral halitosis in patients with periodontal diseases. Material and methodsThree databases were screened for relevant studies. Only randomized controlled trials (RCTs) or controlled clinical trials (CCT) were included.The primary outcome in all included studies was volatile sulphur compounds (VSC) measured by Halimeter or OralChroma and organoleptic scores as secondary outcome.Only studies investigating healthy adults except for periodontitis or gingivitis were included. The considered intervention…Read more

Oral Health Education and Promotion Programmes: Meta-Analysis of 17-Year Intervention

Abstract ObjectivesOral Health Education and Promotion Interventions (OHEPIs) focus on improving knowledge, to adopt favourable oral health behaviours that can enhance oral health and clinical oral health. However, no meta-analyses exist that evaluate the effectiveness of OHEPI programmes. The aim of this meta-analysis was to determine the effectiveness of oral health education and promotion programmes. MethodsThe PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane and ScienceDirect databases from years 2000 to 2016 were searched. Eleven studies based on Participant, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome Study (PICOs) and quality assessment criteria were selected for the systematic review and meta-analysis. Meta-analysis of…Read more