This study aimed to determine the degree of discrepancy between clinical measurement of furcation involvement (FI) and cone beam computed tomography image analysis of multirooted teeth.


FI measurements obtained from clinical records were compared to CBCT images of the same teeth to determine the degree of discrepancy between CBCT FI grading and clinical FI grading.


Of the hundred and fifty-four sites analysed, 22% of FI measurements from probing and CBCT were in agreement. Fifty-eight percent of clinical FI recordings were overestimated, and 20% were underestimated when compared to CBCT analysis.


Clinical recording of FI is both over and underestimated compared to CBCT analysis. This was highest for probing recording grade I furcation involvement where it was highly overestimated. The occurrence of over and under estimation of FI will affect the assignment of prognosis to multirooted teeth, which can influence treatment planning for periodontal therapy and may result in inappropriate treatment.

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