Dairy Helps Avoid Tooth Decay

I had an interesting read regarding the issue of tooth decay.  I knew that consuming dairy products helps prevent tooth decay but hadn’t researched it enough.  Even Oral-B, the maker of tooth brushes and other dental care products, states that calcium is a major ingredient in tooth decay prevention and dairy products are great sources of calcium.  And it was noted that non-fat as well as reduced and full-fat milk, yogurt & cheese provide tooth decay prevention because calcium is not hiding in dairy fat.
Pam Quinones, RDH, past president of the American Dental Hygienists Association, states that calcium and Vitamin D (Vitamin D helps calcium be better absorbed in the body) are necessary for one to have strong bones and teeth.  She adds that cheese also promotes saliva flow and that it can neutralize acids found in many fruits and other foods that can wear away tooth enamel.   I’ve noticed many TV commercials stating how one needs to use certain tooth pastes to avoid this issue. I love knowing that dairy cheeses can naturally neutralize acids in one’s mouth so we can enjoy healthy foods that have lots of acidity if we enjoy tasty cheese products along with them.

Researchers believe that CASEIN, a protein naturally found in cheese, may have a protective factor that can prevent cavities and promote healthy teeth.  Shawn Frawley, a Beverly Hills dentist, reminds us that teeth are partly made of calcium so increased saliva calcium levels, via the consumption of dairy cheese, can help to re-mineralize teeth and prevent tooth cavities from occurring.  YES!

So make sure to get your 3 SERVINGS OF DAIRY EVERYDAY if you want healthy teeth, and especially enjoy dairy cheese products.  Brush your teeth after meals, if you can, for tooth brushing is still the best means of preventing cavities, but now you know that dairy consumption, ESPECIALLY VIA CHEESE, can also help prevent cavities.


Source: winnersdrinkmilkblog.com/dairy-helps-avoid-tooth-decay/

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