This study aimed to examine the effect of dental plaque biofilm removal with a toothbrush, an interdental brush and dental floss by a dental hygienist prior to ultrasonic scaling on treatment times and client satisfaction.


This study was conducted among adults who received scaling after agreeing to participate in this study at a dental clinic in Seoul, Korea, from July to September 2012. Thirty-seven subjects received modified scaling (M-scaling) which is ultrasonic scaling after plaque control with a toothbrush and dental floss by a dental hygienist, and 37 subjects received routine ultrasonic scaling (R-scaling). Univariate and multivariate analyses and chi-squared and t-tests were conducted using SAS. This study was approved by the Kangwon Institutional Review Board.


Significant differences were found between the outcomes of M– and R-scaling for both the ultrasonic scaling time (M-scaling, 7.41 ± 6.18 min; R-scaling, 23.22 ± 6.92 min) and the total tooth cleaning time (M-scaling, 15.92 ± 7.70 min; R-scaling, 23.22 ± 6.92 min) (P < 0.001). Subject satisfaction with the scaling process was not significantly different between M-scaling (4.54 ± 0.80) and R-scaling (4.84 ± 0.44).


These findings indicated that removing the dental plaque biofilm with a toothbrush and dental floss by a hygienist before scaling with an ultrasonic device was more effective in reducing the working time of the dental hygienist.

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