Dental patients feel more welcome

Laurelhurst Dentistry

When I first walked into Laurelhurst Dentistry in Portland, Oregon,
I thought, “Great staff and excellent location, but what a sterile, energetically
cold environment. I wonder how that’s affecting the business?”

My client, Dr. Adrienne Fischl, DDS, hired me to work on the Feng
Shui design of her five-dentist practice. The staff was excellent, the dentists
were experts in their field, and they loved their jobs. What was the missing
link? They lacked an environment that felt nurturing and supportive. Dr. Fischl
wanted the reception area and three large operatories to feel like a hug to
their patients.

As I asked questions about the practice, my client shared that many of their patients
felt anxious in the space and uncomfortable in the waiting area. The dentists
and team members knew something needed to change, and that things just
"didn’t feel right.”  I also learned
that a low percentage of
the business
was referral-based, and my client wanted to improve that, to sustain the
practice in a time of post-2008 recession.

and comfortable in these dental practices that incorporated Feng Shui in their office space.

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