How to maintain healthy teeth?

PEOPLE With healthy teeth are considered lucky and smart as a good smile is always impressive and eye appealing.

According to the studies and research conducted by The University of San Jose ? California on the Americans and Europeans about cosmetic dentistry, it was found that healthy teeth create some sort of fame and popularity, symbolizes intelligence and openness to others.

The established rule or what is known as the first impression in the fashion industry is about hair styling, skin quality and also the authenticity and whiteness of one?s teeth.

It remains an open question why to deprive ourselves of all these positives attributes which can be achieved by proper care of our teeth? A team of cardiologists and dentists studied and published in the Gazette of American Medical Sciences that people aged over 50 years and are keen to constant cleaning and taking care of teeth especially against Calculus which is a conglomerate bacterial and gum disease, composed mainly of bacteria are less likely to have Myocardial Infraction, as there is a relationship between bacterial infection inside the mouth and the risk of heart disease and clogged arteries.

Based on the foregoing, we are aware of the importance of maintaining healthy teeth for life by regular visits to a dentist and keeping in mind that healthy and clean tooth are essential for a beautiful smile.




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