Life With Dentures-Common Denture Problems

So let’s say you are about to make a big presentation at work. You spent weeks preparing all of your notes and working on the PowerPoint slides that go along with your topic. You went over the presentation at home the night before in front of your wife, and she only said to slow down, but otherwise you did a good job. You’re ready to go but just as you reach down for your PowerPoint clicker, your dentures fall out of your mouth. You’re flustered and can’t recover. All of your work has just gone down the drain.

Although, this is certainly not commonplace, this is a scenario that could make anyone not want to wear dentures. This then begs the question of why you would need to wear dentures in the first place. Dentures are a procedure where cosmetic dentists replace missing teeth that were either removed due to tooth decay and periodontal disease or through a critical incident, such as a car accident. Those who are older are more at risk for the former, but it’s not uncommon for younger individuals to need a tooth removal procedure as well. While there are many dental replacements that have improved over the years, there are some issues when wearing dentures:

  • Wearing dentures will take some time. Dentures are not meant to replace the feel of having teeth. Although your cheek muscles and tongue will eventually get used to them but in some respects, your dentures will not feel like your old teeth. Your mouth might become more easily irritated, and you will begin to notice excessive saliva production as well. While not serious, this could be a daily annoyance, especially in the beginning.
  • Eating with dentures will feel different. When getting dentures for the first time, you probably don’t want to go to a steakhouse restaurant. It’ll take time to learn how to eat regularly again, and you’ll need to stick with softer foods. However, it’s a life-long concern. In fact, even when you get used to eating with dentures, you will still have to be very mindful of what you eat. Gum is a no-no, and anything sticky or incredibly hard should be avoided as well.
  • You might sound different. While, in the case of the fictional speaker, the dentures fell out, another common problem with dentures is speaking properly. Difficult multi-syllabic words will take time to say out loud as you’ll need time to adjust, and coughing or laughter may cause your dentures to come out of place. In addition, those who speak a lot for a living will need to consider applying dental adhesives for extra support.

Does wearing dentures sound fun? If you’re not one who likes to adjust, you might want to consider looking into getting dental implants instead. Dental implants have the feel and look of natural teeth, so you’ll be able to grow accustomed much quicker. While still a newer alternative to dentures, they are growing more popular as the procedure improves every year. In fact, you can even get new teeth in a day. If you’re looking for a safe, less annoying alternative to dentures, dental implants might be a good idea.


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