It’s important for dentists to have a well-designed website in order to attract patients. A huge percentage of people today are online searching for health-care providers. Make sure your dental practice stands out online

Here are some cold, hard facts dentists should know: 80% of the leads
that are not referrals for dental practices come from search engines such as
Google and Bing. Additionally, 90% of customer buying decisions are influenced
by online reviews, and 72% of consumers who search for a local business visit
one within five miles.


Keeping these numbers in mind, it only makes sense for dental practices
to make sure they’re visible online. What are some strategies that should be
implemented in order to have an online presence? First, your dental practice
must have a website. A website is your online impression, and it needs to be
impressive and mobile friendly. In addition, a well-planned local search engine
optimization (SEO) is needed in order for your website to show in local search
results. Let’s not forget about your online reviews that help build your


Review this infographic provided by My
Digital Dentistry
to learn more about the steps your dental practice should take to develop
a successful internet marketing strategy, bring in more qualified clients, and
watch your bottom line grow.


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