The purpose was to evaluate a combined effect of active ingredients contained in new toothpaste in reducing dentine hypersensitivity.


The tested toothpaste contained active ingredients potassium nitrate (5.00%) and zinc citrate (0.50%). Pain to water stimulus and blowing air was reported on hypersensitive teeth and measured using the VAS (Visual Analogue Scale). The degree of pain to water stimulus was detected after each subject drank a few sips of water which was boiled to the room temperature. Data were collected on each subject’s dental history.


A significant reduction in dentine hypersensitivity (26–29% after 2 weeks versus 40% after 4 weeks) was detected in the tested group. The controls also showed significant reduction to both stimuli, but at lower rate. A statistically significant difference to blowing air and water stimuli showed the highest impact for the tested group after 4 weeks (P = 0.033, P = 0.006).


This study supports the efficacy of the tested toothpaste in reducing the phenomenon of dentine hypersensitivity after 4 weeks of usage.

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