The HIPAA compliant eDocument service has been expanded for dentists and now includes two new features.Do-TheDoc Inc. released Send-TheDoc™ 5.0 introducing two new key-features:
A. Automated Weekly Delivery Report and
B. Digital Package ID Search
Founder and CEO Dimitris S. Papageorgiou mentioned that “It is an exciting opportunity for dentists (and shortly for medical professionals) to improve their referral fulfillment by having their staff check the Send-TheDoc™ delivery report on a weekly basis. This simple change will result to annual revenue increases of $10k to $400k depending on the dental practice size to both referring and referred offices”

Send-TheDoc™ analytics intelligence highlights that 30%-50% of referrals are not downloaded! The automated weekly delivery report saves office staff time as it eliminates chasing emails, and by following-up with non-downloaded referrals the dental office will increase their revenue by $1,000 to $5,000 for each newly fulfilled referral. The referring offices frequently benefit from referrals by means of follow-up visits and by ensuring that referred patients are treated in a timely manner.

The second feature, “Digital Package ID Search”, is a very convenient way for senders and receivers to locate their digital packages by simply typing a package identification number (e.g. similar to a courier tracking number). This simple searching service saves time and frustration for all parties involved in the sending and receiving of digital packages with protected health information.

In addition, Send-TheDoc™ Sender-Connect™ improves the patient identification processes not only for the young who have smart phones but also for the elderly by enabling them to call the dental office and receive the needed credentials to access their information in a HIPAA compliant manner online.

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