Six Ways to Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy This School Year

“Helping your child learn good dental health habits is the start of a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums,” says Dr. Romani Nashid, owner of Smile View Dental in Oshawa.Obtain every day away with a healthful start with being confident that your son or daughter brushes well following lunch.

Six good habits for healthy teeth:
• Remember to brush 2 times per day, morning in addition to nighttime, to eliminate plaque through teeth in addition to gums. Plaque is a sticky covering regarding germs of which kinds about teeth in addition to gums. It can result in cavities in addition to gum illness in case the idea isn’t taken off.
• Floss between your child’s teeth once a day. This will remove plaque from between teeth and under the gums.
• Check your child’s teeth often. If you notice any brown or white spots on your child’s teeth, call a dentist. If they’re not treated, these spots can lead to tooth decay.
• Protect your child’s teeth. Show your kid to not chew on items like pencils and also to be aware any time actively playing on shifts, photo slides along with play ground products..
• Pack healthy, tooth-friendly, snacks for your child to eat at school. Sticky, sugary snacks cling to the teeth and cause tooth decay.
• Take your child to the dentist regularly. From their first birthday on, children should have regular visits to the dentist. Dentist can catch problems before they can become serious.


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