Teeth whitening — not without risks

Teeth-whitening treatments are the one-stop makeover for residents in the UAE. However, getting a brighter and whiter smile is not without risk, according to dentists.

For one, not everybody is a candidate for a teeth-whitening procedure. 
However, dentists contacted by Gulf News said that many residents chase ‘the look’ by opting for home dental whitening kits and/or for frequent professional treatments.

They estimate that among cosmetic dental treatments teeth whitening is the most common.

Daily deal companies also exemplify the mainstream status teeth whitening enjoys. The deals offer home kits for under Dh100 and a teeth whitening 45-minute session for a few hundred dirhams,


Source: http://gulfnews.com/life-style/health/teeth-whitening-not-without-risks-uae-dentists-1.1226159

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