The aim of this systematic review was to give the best available evidence on the impact of professional tooth cleaning (PTC) and scaling and root planing (SRP) on oral halitosis in patients with periodontal diseases.

Material and methods

Three databases were screened for relevant studies. Only randomized controlled trials (RCTs) or controlled clinical trials (CCT) were included.

The primary outcome in all included studies was volatile sulphur compounds (VSC) measured by Halimeter or OralChroma and organoleptic scores as secondary outcome.

Only studies investigating healthy adults except for periodontitis or gingivitis were included. The considered intervention strategies were professional tooth cleaning and non-surgical periodontal treatment. For both strategies, additional oral hygiene instructions (OHI) were possible. Two independent reviewers performed the study selection and quality assessment.

Search results

After abstract and title screening and subsequent full-text reading of potential papers, a placebo-controlled RCT could not be found. However, eight studies or particular arms used PTC or SRP as sole interventions and were included in this review.

All trials or study arms included showed a positive effect on VSC levels or organoleptic scores after intervention.


Based on best available evidence, PTC and SRP in combination with oral hygiene instructions reduced VSC values in patients with oral halitosis and/or periodontal diseases, independent of tongue cleaning and the use of mouth rinses.

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