The aim of this study was to investigate whether twice-daily use of a rotating-oscillating power toothbrush (Oral-B Professional Care 1000) in nursing home (NH) residents over a 6-week period, compared to usual care (UC), would reduce periodontal inflammation.


In this repeated measures single-blinded randomized controlled trial, 59 residents of one NH in Winnipeg, Canada, were randomized to receive either twice-daily tooth brushing with a rotating-oscillating power toothbrush (PB) or UC by caregivers. Consent was obtained from residents or their proxies. Participants had some natural teeth, periodontal inflammation, non-aggressive behaviour, no communicable diseases, were non-smokers and non-comatose. Outcomes were measured at baseline and 6 weeks, which included: inflammation (MGI, Lobene), bleeding (PBI, Loesche) and Plaque (Turesky). Comparisons of group changes in outcomes were analysed using an ANOVA with a repeated measure.


Of 59 original study participants, one withdrew, one died prior to study commencement and three died before study completion. All oral parameters improved significantly for the remaining 54 residents over time (P<.0001), with no differences between groups.


These results demonstrate that it is possible for caregivers to improve periodontal inflammation of residents over a 6-week period. Despite no significant group differences, periodontal inflammation of all study participants improved significantly, particularly in the reduction of bleeding, a direct measure of periodontal inflammation, which is a unique finding.

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