What Illnesses Are Linked to Gingivitis?

Denver periodontists take in a number of patients on a monthly basis. While many may assume that gum disease occurs as a result of the patient’s carelessness when it comes to their health, don’t be so quick to judge. The Centers of Disease Control specify that conditions like:

Diabetes – may promote the patient’s gum disease, sometimes even advancing it to stages like periodontitis, which can be painful and embarrassing. As a result, the management of diabetes is essential. If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood sugar for instance, do not shake the diagnosis and continue with life – sans treatment. Not only can untreated diabetes cause gingivitis, it can also impact your sight and many organs in your body. Be proactive about treating diabetes,

Cancer – too has been a leading cause of periodontitis. Research the best ways to prevent further impacts to your body through support groups and medical authorities.

Other diseases, some curable and incurable, have been linked to periodontal Denver health.

On the other side of the same coin, gum disease or gingivitis for instance, which when left untreated, can cause serious health issues in your body. Gingivitis can promote diabetes as the body is unable to process insulin sufficiently because of poor health. In addition, periodontitis has also been linked to strokes or even conditions of the heart.

Medical specialists should be consulted frequently for checkups to prevent health issues. This includes annual checkups for the eyes, mouth and physicals. If you have underlying medical issues, be sure to specify these to your doctor.


Source: http://familydentistreviewsite.com/what-illnesses-are-linked-to-gingivitis/

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