What is tartar

Tartar is a mineral deposit present on the teeth. It normally appears both above and below the gums. We easily recognize these deposits since they stain easily and the teeth gets yellow or brown stains. These stains are usually to the tartar and not to the teeth. Tartar is also called calculus buildup and different from plaque which is mainly caused by bacteria. Both tartar and plaque are always present in the mouth of people with poor oral hygiene.

After you eat food, drink liquids, smoke or chew gum, bacteria will form in the mouth causing tartar. Anything that causes the saliva to increase in your mouth will trigger the bacteria that cause tartar. Drinking hot and carbonated drinks will trigger the tartar formation in your teeth. Be sure to brush your teeth after you drink or eat sweets.

There are 2 classes of tartar which include the supragingival and subgingival. Supragingival are calculus deposits just above the gum. You cannot remove them yourself once the deposits form and that is when you will need to visit a dentist for cleaning. The dentist will use a sharp scraping instrument to get rid of the tartar and plaque. It is important that you get rid of the calculus deposits because this can lead to gum disease and chronically inflamed gums, bad breath and receding gums. Tartar accelerates the plaque formation and will help hide deposits of plaque which in turn can create greater risks of periodontal disease.

There is an easiest way to prevent tartar build up. All you need to do is to brush your teeth regularly using tartar control toothpaste and visit the doctor at least once in 2 months. Hold the tooth brush in a 45 degree angle and brush your teeth in back and forth motion including the gum line. You should not forget the tongue as well as the tops of each tooth. Flossing will also help remove all the bacteria and tartar from between the teeth. Just wrap an18 inch floss around your index finger and slide it between your teeth. The gums will be irritated and possibly bleed if you snap the floss against your gums.

You can also use a tartar control rinse to prevent the buildup of tartar in the mouth. Tartar control rinses can also be used to help break down the tartar on the teeth. To rinse out the bacteria in your mouth, you can drink water in between meals. Water contains fluoride that help strengthen the teeth, so drinking water will give you the benefit of getting some of the tartar removed as well as strengthening the teeth.  Tartar is a serious mouth disease because you need to practice eating a healthy diet. Just eat foods that are rich in vitamins and fiber. You can as well increase your apples intake since they help prevent tartar buildup.


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