When to visit your dentist

A visit to a dentist might not be an event that most of us look forward to. This might be because of a traumatic experience in the childhood or else the fear psychosis set in by various means. But, in reality, being at the dentist should be a fun event and the outcome of that visit should be a pleasant one in most instances.

Therefore, by knowing when we need to visit the dentist would help us to maintain healthy and strong teeth as well as alleviate any undue fears of making the all important visit.

So, what can trigger us to visit the dentist?

In broad terms, it can be routine, emergency or planned.

Ideally, a person should make a visit to his dentist at least once in every six months to clean the teeth and the gums as well as check for any other pathological processes. The necessity increases with gaining of age as well as in instances of other medical illnesses.

The visits that might occur as an emergency situation can be one from the following:

Accidental damage or break in the teeth

Accidental knocking off of a tooth

Pain associated with teeth and especially in instances where it presents with fever, pus discharge, swelling and redness.

Lacerations and other such injuries

Extensive swelling of the gums with increasing redness and sometimes with pus discharge

Inability to open the jaw or pain in the joint

Subluxation or misaligned tooth due to traumatic events.

In these circumstances, certain measures will need to be ensured before you visit your dentist as not doing so would affect the outcome of the intervention. For instance, when a tooth has been knocked off, the dislodged tooth should be held from the opposite side from the root and kept in moisturizing environment such as in saliva inside the oral cavity or else in milk.

Toothache can wait to see if being settled by simple analgesics and if not resolving, the visit to a dentist can be considered.

The planned visits to the dentist would most often be to undergo certain procedures which would otherwise run its natural cause, most often without any significant symptoms or signs. Some of these planned events needing dentists attention would be:

Fixing braces or a palate

Extraction of a loose tooth

Filling of cavitations

Mechanical whitening of teeth

Fixing of dentures or false teeth…etc.

Thus, deciding on your own in order to refer yourself to a dentist would probably be the wisest decision to make given the importance of teeth to our every day living.


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