Why do adults need braces?

Did you know that over one million adult Americans wear braces? If not, this is the time to reconsider your decision to avoid braces as you have grown out of teen years.

Many Americans or else many adults in the other parts of the world for that matter, do not receive adequate attention to their oral structure and its soundness in childhood. But, when they reach the adulthood, it strikes them how important a perfect set of smile would be in day to day events. Even though many realize the necessity, few proceed with any sort of intervention due to several reasons. Some of these reasons may be,

*Assumed social embarrassment


*Inability to devote time in taking care of any intervention

*Less confidence in such interventions

*Lack of motivation…etc.

But many oral disfigurements seen in adulthood which are related to gums and teeth are correctable. Even more, these corrections do not require major alterations in any of these structures, but, just to wear a properly designed set of braces.

By wearing braces, adults would be able to overcome conditions such as overcrowding of teeth, crooked teeth, over biting or under biting as well as certain amount of misalignments of the jaw bones. Thus, once corrected through wearing these braces, they would need long term maintenance in form of a retainer from time to time.

An adult, who wears such braces under the advice of his or her dentist or the orthodontist, will gain much more for the time and money spent in wearing such devices. Some of these gains would be,

*Prevention of spontaneous occurrence of gum diseases

*Prevention of tooth decay

*Avoidance of long term jaw related problems and arthritic conditions

*Prevention of problems related to biting and chewing

*Avoidance of adult onset headache and earache

*Prevention of any changes related to speech

But, above all, the most outstanding feature of an adult who receives braces would be, a perfect smile. Thus, it brings many more to one’s life than just properly placed set of teeth. It will promote,

*Social interactions

*Self confidence

*Acceptability from the society including the work place…etc.

Therefore, when considering all these facts, it’s evident that adults do need to take the opportunity and correct these oral deformities in order to improve their quality of life.

Even at present, many alternatives have been developed in order to minimize the visibility and to increase compliance among the adults who wish to wear braces. Thus, if you desire to correct any oral problems, the best person you should consult would be your general dentist who would either correct it himself or else refer you to a person who specializes in such corrections.


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